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Remix contest for my song "Misfits"

Posted by DJ-Saidez - May 6th, 2019

Hey, so I wanted to try out something new and see how this works out

I'm gonna have a contest to remix my song, " Misfits " (click the link to listen to it)

I wouldn't call it a contest, more like an event

I'm gonna put a link to the project files here so you can do stuff with it, and if I get a few that are releaseable (dont worry im not very picky) I can release them as a compilation album that is distributed to Spotify and Pandora and iTunes and all that good stuff (you can choose whether you want to release it or not), alongside my own remix/VIP.

Yeah I don't know what I'm doing really, I'm just hoping this goes somewhere.

You can do whatever you want with it, you can turn it into glitch hop or ambient or trance or something, it’s all fair game, I’m mostly paying attention to sound quality, mixing, and originality. I don’t have a deadline as of now, so take your time.

(if you ask me i made it way too basic so there's a lot you could do with this, it might help to change up the key idk)

Here's the stuff, just click the button to request access, I'll grant permission to you shortly https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/18-QKjGnYuDBcckMz-akguUC_UTejZdqp

(The project file is an .flp for FL Studio 12+ plus samples I used, if you need audio stems for the synths because you use Ableton or another DAW and can't use the flp, let me know please since I still need to do that)


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