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I like the melody and the overall feel of it! Nice job, hope you make it to the 3rd round!


While it's not exactly my cup of tea, I really like how you mastered it, hope you qualify for the 3rd round!

vidu3k333 responds:

Thank you, good luck to you too :D

nice, hope you qualify for the 3rd round!

Most dubstep/(insert prefix here)core stuff I hear is just noise, but this is actually good! Everything blends together into something danceable, I like it!

@ChristianPlays WOW OK. NO need for that, jeez. Of COURSE you use the generic "ok boomer" insult.

2021 edit: sorry i was immature

W o w

Now I'm scared for my own entry lol

Good luck, you really rocked it with this one!

A lot of this is influenced on personal taste, I'm not used to stuff like this. I would've given you 3 stars but that's some nice sound design, I wouldn't be able to recreate that.

I feel like the mixdown is a bit off, and the intro is a bit too rough. Also, the piano sounds like it's detuned. Also, the neurofunky drop could use some work, and the glitches in the first drop are a bit excessive. I can kinda see where you were going with this, but it just doesn't fit for me.

Toxic-Omega responds:

Oh yeah I know this track isn't perfect. But a lot of what you listed is actually intentional lol

First time I heard this I favorited it since I liked it and stuff, but I quickly moved on since I was in a rush and wanted to check out something else

And then last night I heard it in my dreams.

Then I woke up, and I really wanted to turn it into a song, because I thought that I had made up the best melody I've ever made.

I wanted to make sure that I hadn't heard it from another place, and so I searched through my liked songs, and there it was. And now that I'm hearing it again, I realized how good this really is. This is some nice trancey DnB with that touch that reminds me of 2000s rock (the guitar), the vibe is great, it's just excellent in so many ways. I just really wish it was longer, but the melodies are great, the synths are mindblowing, just....wow. Something that sticks with me a MONTH after I've heard it has gotta be amazing.

I kinda want to remix this now, although it wouldn't be the same...
But something that I CAN do is put this in my next DJ mix! Keep making stuff like this, I love it!

I like your work on Legends, too!

AvizuraNG responds:

Thanks for the review DJ Saidez!
It's so cool that you heard the melody in your dream. I have that too sometimes with other people's music.
Unfortunately I can't edit the track right now, there's a lot of bounced stems and some are from hardware synths that I don't have access to atm.

old-school minimal liquid, i like it
good luck on NGADM!

not a big fan of the pluck, but the background synth is awesome

i recognize a lot of FL sounds, cool

buen trabajo, me gusta :)

I like it

This is a vault of my old stuff
I've stopped taking myself seriously
When I start making music again I might not upload here until later idk

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