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you're improving, ill give you that. keep it up!
i share Crazy-Unicorn's opinion about the chord progression after 1:44

this really needs mixing. the sub bass overpowers everything. however for your first session it's decent.
this was my first song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k5KH1wqoutA

Great liquid feel, not bad at all

great, you put it into a new perspective and i like it

s t u n n i n g
i wish i knew how to make stuff like this, absolutely dreamy yet uplifting

I remixed this, but I didn't do it justice at all

The original mix is just...perfect

I've also tried Soundtrap before, and it's hard to use it! (At least the free version, not many loops to work with, but I haven't used it a lot)
(kinda self-promo, I know, but I made this on that website: https://soundcloud.com/saidez-official/made-this-in-school-today )
Well, for a first song in the genre, it's not that bad. I'm a DnB fan myself, and I tried to make some songs but they could be way better, but it's probably the genre I excel at now, besides Trance. Anyways....
The hats are too loud, also some of the melodies don't really blend with each other, also the growly bass only fits the dub/drumsteppy part at the end, but not the part before, if you ask me. However, you've got good ideas going on here, nice job!

I. Love. Drum and Bass.
I. Love. This.

(Responding to Pissomatik)
No, this is Drumstep. Typical Dubstep would have half-time beats, but the drums and the bass spell DnB, and there's clear DnB influence in this, along with dubstep.
Also, WOW this sounds really good, I'm stunned! 5 stars!

I see you also use FL Studio. I heard "FL Slayer" and "Plucked!" in there. If you ask me, the drums aren't very audible and strong, but I'd imagine you went with an ambient feel. Also, the pluck might be a little bit too strong/loud, at least in the second drop. However, as you would've eventually found out, I'm a huge sucker for Drum and Bass, and this sounds good to me, definitely better than the stuff I'm making now if you ask me. Hope you make more!

This is a vault of my old stuff
I've stopped taking myself seriously
When I start making music again I might not upload here until later idk

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